Eco Recycling

Eco Recycling is a spin-off company created in 2008 by University researchers, and two SMEs involved in recycling and treatment of industrial wastes. The initial aim of this spin-off addressed the technology transfer of a new patent developed to recycle alkaline spent batteries. This activity was then extended to the valorization of other wastes.
A multipurpose first pilot plant was built in Northern Italy. Based on Pilot activities an industrial plant with large potentiality (4000 t/y) has been designed by Eco Recycling and the plant is now operating at S.E.Val s.r.l.. Successively a new mobile pilot plant was built to recover metals from wastes. Eco Recycling designed two demonstrative plant finalized at the treatment of WEEE and end of life photovoltaic panels.

MISSION AND ACTIVITIES: Development of innovative processes and plant design, assistance for startup, management and personnel training, chemical analysis for environmental control and process optimization.


  • "Green Batteries" Project financed by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education): hydrometallurgical process to separate zinc and manganese from spent alkaline batteries (EP 1684369 Al 20060726).
  • "HydroWEEE" and "HydroWEEE Demo" Projects financed by the FP7: innovative HYDROmetallurgical processes and demonstration project to recover metals from WEEE including lamps and batteries (EP 245099 IA 1).
  • "PHOTOLIFE" life+ 2013 project financed by EU: Process and automated pilot plant for simultaneous and integral recycling of different kinds of photovoltaic panels.
  • Life LiBat about Recycling of primary Lithium Battery by mechanical and hydrometallurgical operations, and CROCODILE, project aims to recovery Cobalt from a series of WEEE wastes.
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